Kaghan Valley Guided Tours

The Kaghan valley is named for the town of Kaghan rather than for the Kunhar River which flows through the length of the valley. The Valley extends for 155 km rising from 2,134 metres to its highest point, the Babusar Pass, at 4,173 metres.

The local population is friendly, easygoing and speaks Hindko (a language spoken by the hill people in Hazara), Pushto, and/or Urdu. The region is Alpine in geography and climate, with forests and meadows dominating the landscape below peaks that reach over 17,000 feet.

Kaghan Valley,Mansehra District ,North-West Frontier, Himalayan,Kunhar River

Kaghan Valley

Its mountains, dales, lakes, water-falls, streams and glaciers are still in an unbelievable pristine state. It is indeed an unspoiled paradise. This is why it is a deeply satisfying experience to spend a few days in Kaghan. Kaghan is at its best during May to September.

From the middle of July up to the end of September the road beyond Naran is open right up to Babusar Pass. The Kaghan area can reached by road via the towns of Balakot, Abbottabad and Mansehra.

The road from Balakot ascends along the Kunhar River through lovely forests and the villages of Paras, Shinu, Jared and Mahandri. The valley is narrow along this stretch and the views are limited but as you ascend, the surrounding peaks come into view. One spot that is famous for its spectacular views and scenery is 'Shogran'.

This village, surrounded by peaks and forests, is east of the main Kunhar River. It hosts the famous Siri Payee Lake mountain with breathtaking views at its top.The Khunar River if famous for trout fishing and said to be amongst the best in Asia.