Naran Valley Tour

Naran Valley is in the Pakistan northern areas and is the best base for treks and walking in the valley. It is an unspoiled paradise. It is best visited between May and September. Normally the temperature in May is maximum 11C and minimum 3C.

Naran Valley,Saiful Muluk ,Saiful Malik

The Naran Valley

The hotel is along the banks of the River Kunhar. All visitors to Naran should pay a visit to the Saif-ul Muluk Lake (10,500 feet) 6 miles east of town. Transportation by jeep can be arranged, If the road is open we will travel by jeep if the road is closed, it is an easy, gradual three-hour walk and the lake is a beautiful stop for a picnic. Whilst boating on the lake you will hear the local legend about Prince Saif-ul Muluk who fell in love with a fairy.