Pakistan Travel FAQs

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General Advice

Local laws reflect the fact that Pakistan is a Muslim country. You should respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions. You should dress modestly at all times.

Men and women should cover their shoulder and legs when in public. Women should cover their heads when entering mosques or other holy sites, and when traveling in more rural areas.

Importing alcohol and pork products is illegal. Alcohol is available to non muslim, foreigners in their hotels.

Do not take photographs of military establishments.

Tour Pakistan stay in regular communication with security advisors and will change the content of the tour immediately if we are advised on any potential problems in areas we are visiting. We are aware of security concerns that clients may have and we always put client’s safety and security before a destination plan.


Outside major cities the hospitals are not to Western standards. In Islamabad and all the main cities there are private and government facilities with many of the consultants being trained in the Europe and America. There are several UK trained GP practices within Islamabad.

Entry Requirements

If you are traveling on a British passport, you require a visa. Your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months. You can obtain a visa from your local Pakistani High Commission. The forms can be downloaded from their website.

Visa & Passport Requirements

The address in London to acquire a visa is:
High Commission of Pakistan
34-36 Lownes Square
Tel 0207 6649200
E-mail :