Pakistan Tour Dates

The following dates are the 2009 tour dates by Tour Pakistan. Each tour will be 16 days from departing London Heathrow on the Saturday to departure from the VIP lounge of Islamabad airport.

Tour Pakistan also offers specialist tours including painting in Hunza, Battlefield Tour and a wonderful experience to watch polo in the Shandur Valley. These tours will be by personal arrangement.

January - 12th to 27th
February - 9th to 24th
March - 1st to 16th
April - 5th to 20th
May - 3rd to 18th
June - 7th to 22nd
July - Shandur Polo by special arrangement
August - 2nd to 17th

August is the month of Ramadan in 2009 and we would not recommend a tour during this time as the restaurants are closed during the day.

October - 4th to 19th
November - 1st to 16th
December by special arrangement

Tour Pakistan is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

Tour Level - Easy.