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Ruins of Taxila

Taxila is an ancient archaeological site located in the Punjab, about 15 miles west of Islamabad and Rawlpindi. Taxila is an ancient city, originally the home of one the best universities of the world where Sanskrit Professor Panini established the roots of linguistics.

A slightly moderate climate than Islamabad, it is still famous for its handicrafts as it used to be about two thousand years ago. Taxila (then called taksh-shila) was an ancient Hindu and Buddhist seat of learning, connected across the Khunjerab pass to the Silk Route, attracting students from all over the world.

Ancient Takshashila was renowned all over the Buddhist world as home to the world's first university. It flourished during the first-fifth centuries AD and is located at the junction of three major trade routes; it was of considerable economic and strategic importance.

Ruins contain architecture from the areas of Alexandra The Great and Roman Empire remains. It is possible to purchase concrete made replicates of famous statuettes from roadside vendors.

Also a vast array of fresh fruit of the season, is grown and hand picked along our route.