Peshawar Tour

Peshawar the gateway to Afghanistan is situated at the mouth of the Khyber Pass. There is a lot to see in Peshawar, a must-see is the museum and its wealth of archaeological relics and antiques. Housing, sculptures from the Gandhara period (300B.C to 300A.D.) to modern times.

Wherever you meet the famous Pathans of Peshawar they will greet you with their overwhelming hospitality.

Peshawar is the capital of the North West Frontier Province. “Peshawar” mean High Fort in Persian.

Peshawar history is steeped in trading and was a major crossroads for various cultures. Peshawar is located on the edge of the Khyber Pass next to the Afghan border.

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The Khyber Pass

Peshawar city has been ruled by numerous empires including the Persian, Greek, Maurya, Scythian, Arab, Turk, Mongol, Mughal, Afghan, Sikh and the British. In ancient times a major settlement called Pushpapura was established in the general area of Peshawar by the Central Asian Kushans. It was during the Mughal period that the current city was established by Akbar in the 16th century and received its name Peshawar.

During much of its history, the city was one of the main trading centres on the ancient Silk Road and was a major crossroads for various cultures between South and Central Asia and the Middle East. Located on the edge of the Khyber Pass near the Afghan border, Peshawar is the commercial, economic, political and cultural capital of the Pashtuns in Pakistan.