Painting in Pakistan

Paint in The Beautiful Hunza Valley

Painting in Pakistan will take you to one of the most beautiful locations in the world where you will be able to paint, draw and relax.

Whether you are an experienced painter or a new adventurer you will be sure to be amazed at the beautiful scenery in any Pakistan tour.

We will stay in Islamabad for a day, to explore the bazaars then depart for the Hunza Valley or Chitral.

The atmosphere and scenery in the immediate areas around the Hindu Kush Heights Hotel in Chitral are ideally suited for painters. The hotel is also stocked with beautiful paintings.

Our tutor, Fiona Darling has been chosen for her professionalism and experience of painting in Pakistan. Fiona attended Ruskin art school in Oxford, UK and the Corcoran and Torpedo Factory art schools in Washington DC. Fiona specializes in watercolors, landscapes and portraits. Fiona also paints in oils.

Fiona has participated in many exhibitions from the UK, Europe, USA and Pakistan.

Whilst in Pakistan, Fiona ran the Arts subcommittee for the Asian Studies Group and together we offer the most comprehensive painting vacations in Pakistan.